Friday, September 2, 2011

Even The Soft Focus Didn't Help!

Hey V .. While taking the air in St Kilda last weekend we came across a couple with not one but
three dogs drawing lots of attention. We were told they are Neapolitan Mastiffs.  The owners kindly
allowed us to take a photo.  Don't you just want to rub some anti ageing cream into those wrinkles?
Ciao ... J.


  1. Didn't you tell him to SMILE!!! A hound full of character!

  2. What a fantastic face! You're right, the soft focus didn't help him much. Note to self... don't look too closely in the mirror today.

  3. I always think of Bull Mastiffs as being a bit scary, but that face...I mean to say, he looks so 'laid back' he's almost horizontal!! Love this shot Joe, the softening makes it look like a retro portrait.

  4. What a sweetheart, a face that only a mama could love. Just kidding, but it will remind me to stay out of the sun!


  5. He need what Shane Warne's got - lots of Liz Hurley's face cream!! but he's gorgeous wrinkles and all!

  6. Almost looks adorable with that soft focus Joe. Have a great weekend.

  7. Beauty, is in the eye's of the beholder.

  8. Thanks for all your comments.
    John - In the mastiff world he is smiling.
    Craig - know the feeling.
    Grace - he certainly was chilled out.
    Bird man - I'm glad.
    Genie - if the sun could do that we should all stay inside.
    Dianne - too funny.
    Rae - I agree.
    Mim - ditto.