Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dear V ... A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate to take a week's break in Fiji.  Fiji is around
a four hour flight from Melbourne and the Outrigger where we stayed is just over an hour's drive from
Nadi Airport.  The Outrigger was a wonderful place to stay.  It is located on the Coral Coast and as you
can see from this photo it is haven for families.  The Fijian child care was amazing to watch.  The
Fijian people seemed to adore the children and it was quickly returned by the little holiday makers even
though this boy in red seems to be doing a runner.  Hope you don't mind the diversion from Melbourne.
Will post a photo a day from Fiji over the next week... BULA ...J


  1. I love to see where everyone goes for their short breaks, so no problem with the diversion from me.

    What is the Fijian economy like? Not so much GFC2, but rather governance. How is it impacting the people in the street?

  2. Hi Julie - tourism is a huge part of the Fijian economy and we found that we were welcomed with smiles wherever we went. Although there is a monetary side to it all we concluded that the Fijian people are naturally social, positive and caring. Many in the villages live very humbly. It is a fascinating and place to visit.

  3. I'll be looking forward to your holiday blog this week.

  4. Great full of colour shot Joe, Fiji is definitely a place I'd like to visit, so will be watching your pictures with much interest.

  5. Look forward to seeing more of your journey Joe. Seems like a very relaxing place to visit.

  6. Dear J...
    I don't mind one bit that you have whisked it all off to Fiji to spend the holiday with you! I love this scene but must ask what the things are out in the water? I enlarged the photo but can't
    Look forward to more photos. Now, would you mind passing the sunscreen and could you get me a cold drink with an umbrella in the glass? :)

  7. Thx for all your interest. Virginia - the objects in the water are rocks or exposed coral. The photo was taken when the tide was out. The sea closest to the beach is enclosed by a reef creating a lagoon. (Hence the name og the resort is Outrigger on the Lagoon). You can just make out the of the lagoon where the waves break on the reef. The water inside the reef is calm. Some good, safe snorkeling and kayaking can be had in this here lagoon.

  8. Lovely shot Joe, takes me back.......Perfect for Rest and Relaxation.....mim