Saturday, September 3, 2011

Myer Mural Hall - Bourke Street

Hi V .. you may have seen some of our photos from the Myer Mural
Hall before.  This is another snippet. As I was taking the photos I
overheard a visitor saying that all the faces of Napier Waller's
subjects were the same. What to you think?  Click on the tag to the
Myer Mural Hall below to load other photos from our visit.
Cheers .. J.


  1. That visitor was wrong. I never even knew this existed. A reason to return one day.

  2. A face is a unique investment... even for painters.

  3. Just Beautiful Joe, a lovely find......

  4. I think this visitor could have been right. If you look at the woman's faces in the Mural at the Myer Mural Hall, the one above the Newspaper House and the one in the entrance to the T&G Building You can see the resemblance. It just so happened that my mother was the Model for all these pieces. Marjorie Houghton, she ws only young at the time and you can see the rememblance of a lot of my family. :-)

    1. Wow. Thank you so much for your comment. The Myer Mural Hall must be a very special place for you.