Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grand Final

Hey V ... Today is the day that Melbourne stops.  At 2.30 pm the ball will bounced at the MCG to commence
the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final.  The battle this year is between Geelong (The Cats) and
Collingwood (The Magpies).  The streets will be deserted, the shops will do little trade, house auctions are non
existent. Punt Road near the MCG will be clogged with traffic from about 12 noon and again at 5pm and the yells
of  football fever resound around television screens throughout Melbourne.  "Go Cats, Go Maggies!"  I don't really
mind who wins as long as it's a good match with thrills and spills for all .... Cheers J.
PS The above photo is of the MCG taken from a helicopter ride a couple of years ago.


  1. Excellent aerial shot Joe. Like you I'm not fussed about it, BUT I sort of hope The Cat's win and that's based solely on the fact that I think Mick Malthouse is a mega pain in the neck!! Have a great weekend.

  2. I like the shot, and I'll cheer for whichever team you and Grace pick!


  3. Well you got your wish Joe - it was a great game and would have been even better if the "maggies" had come out on top!
    Love the aerial shot!