Sunday, October 9, 2011

Urban Melbourne

Hey V ... We were up in one of the high rise buildings in the city
a while back when I took this photography across the rooftops.  I think
it provides a hint of Melbourne's past and is a far cry from the
shiny, new office buildings which dominate the skyline.
Cheers J.


  1. Quite often the smartest high street shops have rather shabby "backsides". And the main building in the shot was once undeniably grand. A well perceived shot.

  2. The charm of this city is just that, the past and the future.
    I love looking back and i wonder looking forward.
    Have a great week J..

  3. Love rooftop shots Joe, you've got a great mix in this picture.

  4. Top shot. The old building is a beauty. Just needs a bit of restoration work to make it shine.

  5. A different perspective - that old building looks quite grand!