Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eureka Tower

Hi V ... The tall building on the left is Eureka Tower which was
the venue for an annual stair climb event to raise money for charity.
The building is 300 m high with approximately 20 steps
per floor.  Their website advises that someone with high fitness can
reach the top in around 10-15 minutes and a runner with below
average fitness 30+ minutes.  Hate to know where I would if in!
Exhausted thinking about it ... J


  1. Interesting building. Have not seen one arranged like that before. A great sense of achievement to hurry to the top but wouldn't it be more fun to go up in a stair lift?

  2. Lego land! Wow it looks beautiful

  3. Really amazing. A place that is nicely watched from far.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  4. It looks spectacular all lit up at night - but I wouldn't like to be climbing all those stairs!

  5. Hi J,
    May i sit on the bottom step and sip some wine while the others charge the stairs? And thank you for your delightful scenario on my Paris blog today. You are quite the creative one! :)