Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Of Fire Alarms, Insurance & Crocodile Attacks

Hi V ... Barack Obama is in Darwin in the Northern Territory today.
A news article last night reported that one of the local insurance
companies (TIO) planned to present him with an insurance policy for
crocodile attack which will provide his family with AUD 50,000 should
The President be attached by a crocodile! It's a tenuous link but in
the absence of a photo of Obama or a crocodile I decided to mark today's
post with a fire alarm.... cheers J. 


  1. LOL! Very creative or should I say resourceful. ;)

  2. You are very clever Joe! This image has terrific graphic color too. Hopefully our President will return unscathed by crocks.

  3. I heard that story on the news too Joe, made me chuckle as did your wordage above!! Been catching up on missed posts loved 'stranded castaways' and 'satisfied seagulls'.