Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Geelong Bollards

Hi V ... There are a series of bollards on and around the beach at Geelong.  Here are four of them.
The bollards are great street art and a wonderful talking point.  I wonder what they were singing ...
Cheers J.


  1. Fantastic. If only more cities were able to express such interest and humour in the design of their street necessities.

  2. You'd have to be a heartless individual to drive into one of those little fellows.

  3. They're fun, aren't they? I believe the sheet music is of a quadrille if memory serves me right. I've taken a picture of it, if only I remember which folder it's in!

  4. They are priceless Joe, wonder if they were designed in Movember!!

  5. Mmm ... Joe? Perhaps blowing rather than singing.

    Here in Sydney we have limited taste (and intelligence) and we would simply use these bollards as target practice.