Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Forum Theatre

Hi V ... This is one of the gargoyles way up high on the Forum Theatre on the corner of Flinders and
Russell Street Melbourne.  According to Wikipedia the architecture is "Moorish Revival" born from a
fascination of all thing oriental.  The Theatre is currently being used as a live music venue and
appears to be falling into disrepair.  I hope that it is revived once more.  Cheers J.


  1. Yes, Joe, it's a gorgeous building and well overdue for renovation.

  2. I am continually fascinated by small architectural details like this, Joe. They abound on buildings in previous centuries, but not in this century. Which is a shame. I was watching they use a crane to load massive blocks of concrete onto the facade of the new wing of the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay yesterday. What a plain boring building that is becoming.