Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Winter Solstice at Collingwood Farm

Hi ... It was the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere a few weeks ago and you may remember from a previous post that Collingwood Children's Farm marked the occasion with an enormous bon fire.  For me the winter solstice conjures images of stonehenge, druids, creatures in the mists of myth and legend, the promise of longer daylight hours, verdant green and new garden growth.  I had never associated it with fire but perhaps from now on I will ... J.


  1. For me too Joe, all the things you mentioned and somehow yes, the fire image does fit very well! Loved the previous solstice post so much.

  2. Somehow, I have in my head that the Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper touches upon the solstice and fire. Must get out the old copies that my kids were addicted to.

  3. Great capture, Joe. I have always associated bonfires with the Summer Solstice, but that's a Northern Hemisphere prejudice.