Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finney The Dulux Dog

Hi V ... Yesterday I took a trip to Masters, a new hardware store in our local area.  They are endeavouring to lure customers away from another chain of hardware stores, Bunnings.  In addition to friendly greetings at the door, excellent customers service part of their artillery yesterday was Finnney the English Sheepdog.  Some of you in Australia may recognise him.  He is the mascot/promoter for Dulux paint.  Looking like a huge marshmallow with eyes he was certainly a crowd pleaser. Cheers J.


  1. Ha, "a huge marshmallow with eyes"... a perfect description Joe. He looks like a friendly fellow :^)

  2. What a great shot of Finney Joe, he's too gorgeous and the best thing about the Dulux ad! I wonder how Master's will fare, Bunnings has such a strong hold on the's be good for them to have a bit of competition!