Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo - Happy Halloween

Hi V ... I have been saving this ghoulish image to wish you all Happy Halloween.  I took it at Southbank some months ago.  Southbank is a fabulous place for a stroll and a popular place for street artists.  I was quite taken aback to find this creepy fellow in full Diablo gear.  Somehow "1,2,3, Smile" didn't seem appropriate.  Halloween is not a major event on the Melbourne calendar but seems to have gained some popularity in recent years with the occasional knock on the door by Trick or Treaters.  Best light the lanterns and have the treats ready.  Boo .. J.  


  1. I think he would be spooky even with an smile on his face!
    Happy Halloween Joe! ;-)

  2. Oh wow, he is truly devilish Joe, perfect for today..I'm prepared for any trick or treaters that might come, but if they don't come soon..the treats will be gone haha!

  3. Hey Joe,

    Halloween is not at all popular in Malaysia either and trick or treating just doesn't exist here.
    Great photo!

  4. hi J,
    Now that's one fine costume and your Lensbaby effect is awesome as well. I give him the prize for best costume today.

  5. Fantastic shot - worth the save for the occasion!