Monday, October 29, 2012

Ford Falcon, Nimmitabel & The Sundowners

Hi V ... Last week took us on a work trip to Southern New South Wales.  On our way we came across this Ford Falcon in a small country town called Nimmitabel opposite the Royal Arms Bed and Breakfast. One of Nimmatabel's claims to fame was the day Hollywood actors came to town for the making of "The Sundowners".  A 1960 film about an Australian Outback family. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award and starred Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum and Peter Ustinov. More on Nimmitabel and the Royal Arms Bed and Breakfast later. J.


  1. Wow Nimmatable sure had its five minutes of fame way back then, I wonder how many other old beauties like this are still being driven around small country towns.

  2. This may have been a Ford Falcon in Australia, but was a Fairlane here in the U.S. Don't think we got this particular model in the U.S. either. The paint graphics are similar to what Ford put on the 302 Mustang here. Great find of a car that must be forty years or more years old