Wednesday, October 9, 2013

St Paul's Cathedral - Mdina Malta

We flew into Malta at night.  As we passed over the island a city bathed in golden light shone like a beacon.  On our drive from the airport to Mellieha there it was again, high on a hill, shining brightly.  We were told it was Mdina the old capital of Malta.  The next day we were taken to Mdina and we were amazed.  An ancient, walled city built of limestone with a central square, home to St Paul's Cathedral pictured above.  The square is surrounded by a maze of winding streets lined with houses, palaces and chapels.  It was quiet during our visit and we were told that it is often called The Silent City.  A fitting name.  It wouldn't have been too quiet during the filming of HBO's first season of Game of Thrones as it was the location for the fictional capital city of King's Landing. 

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  1. What! No ringing bells every fifteen minutes Joe :)) what a wonderful colour the limestone is in the early morning and evening light.