Tuesday, November 12, 2013


For me, Princes Bridge is the gateway to the city providing access to Swanston Street from St Kilda Road.  Did you know this major river crossing was nearly at Elizabeth Street not Swanston Street? Back in the day, 1840 to be specific, it was the subject of much rivalry.  The government, led by Lieutenant-Governor Charles La-trobe, wanted the crossing at Elizabeth Street.  A private company, founded to construct the Yarra's first bridge, wanted it at Swanston Street.  Traders in both streets lobbied hard hoping to increase their income with the stream of customers it promised.  Swanston Street won and a wooden toll bridge was opened in 1840. The bridge photographed above was opened in 1888 and named after Edward Prince of Wales. Ciao J and J. 
PS this photograph is from my archives.  Not much sunshine about in Melbourne today.


  1. Interesting to read that even way back then it was a constant battle between private and government hey Joe! I don't know what it would have looked like from Elizabeth St. but the city scape from Swanston is pretty fab!

  2. What beautiful bridge, and the special light makes the picture a winner!