Sunday, May 18, 2014


Mrs J and I headed south this morning in search of some new photo opportunities.  We took a left into uncharted territory; a suburb not previously explored at least by us. Like spaghetti tangled loosely around a fork threatening to slip away at any moment the roads twisted and turned seemingly with no end.  Having ditched the road book years ago we fumbled for the GPS.  With a simultaneous look of despair we both realised we had left it at home. Gulp! On we drove, right then left then right again.  Jokingly we wondered if had any food in the car in case the exit to this maze was forever elusive.  Tic tacs were our only sustenance; small bursts of peppermint hope.  With a sigh of relief we finally emerged from housing estate and took refuge under a gum tree in the first open space we could find.  Cheers J.


  1. so a wonderful tree.
    so a wonderful picture.
    best wishes

  2. There is no way I'd enter onto one of the spaghetti road systems Joe, I'm not sure if by the time you're right in there whether a road map OR GPS would help :) Happy to see you found your way out...eventually!
    p.s. thanks so much for the very helpful advice re 'star bursts.. my problem is that I usually forget the tripod behind.. I should, and I will, put it in the car so that it's always there from now on!'

  3. Love this one. Glad you found your way out. ;)