Sunday, March 15, 2015


Source: Wikepedia - The rip is generally considered to be located in the triangular area of water between the land points of Point NepeanShortlands Bluff and Point Lonsdale. The entrance between Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean is 3.5 km wide but the reefs projecting from these points reduce the navigable width to about 1 km. Within 800m outside the Heads, there is a shallow rocky flat known as the Rip Bank. The water deepens outside this flat to 30m and inside the Heads to as much as 90 m. This inequality of depth combined with tidal streams running up to 6 knots, causes the world-renowned dangerous conditions. The variation in seafloor depth within the rip itself can be anywhere from 100m to less than 5m amongst the rocky reefs and shoals.


  1. Yeh those rips are deadly alright Joe, especially for tourists who are unaware. Lovely shot with the lighthouse in the background.