Thursday, March 10, 2016


Delightfully hot or refreshingly iced, in a cup or a bottle, brewed on the spot or perfectly roasted to travel make a “bean” line to Liquid Black Coffee Company for a unique Melbourne coffee experience.

You will find it in an unexpected, almost hidden, location - 165 Ashworth Street, Middle Park (between Nimmo and Armstrong Street). In former lives the building was the home of the Middle Park Scouts and the secret HQ of Lamborghini Australia.

Josh serves fresh, rich, incredibly delicious coffee from coffee beans grown in Australia – and no wonder - he personally works on plantations with his Head of Coffee before sourcing the beans. He understands and respects the coffee growing process, the farmer’s hard work and high quality beans. 

Not only can you enjoy coffee on the premises but Josh distributes coffee beans to homes on a weekly basis. He has specially designed bags which should fit in virtually any standard letterbox slot! Orders can be placed directly at  He recommends ordering whole beans to attain maximum freshness. However for those who don't have a grinder he will grind the beans moments before delivery to suit your desired brewing method - that’s service!

Liquid Black Coffee Company pays the farmer more that the “Fairtrade” price ensuring Josh gets the BEST beans.  Enjoy the taste, the aroma, the coffee and support our farmers.

Melbourne’s coffee culture is in good hands.


  1. A great name for a coffee place Joe - i hope does well.

  2. There are so many positives here Joe, with good coffee as a result.. can't beat that!