Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Daze - Albert Park Lake

Dear V ... With a few hours to spare on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I occasionally stroll around
Albert Park Lake.  I'm told it's a 5km circuit.  I let the joggers and dog walkers pass me by and gaze

quizzically at the exercise points wondering what all those bars and benches are for not really interested
in finding out.  Melbourne is lucky to have such public open spaces so close to the city ...
Man the Lifeboats ... J


  1. Relaxation in the lazy-daze.Yes! Great shot Joe.

  2. It looks excellent. I love the light Joe.

  3. I can't help thinking with views like this V would love to stroll around Albert Park Lake Joe, beautiful shot.

  4. Dear J,
    I think those sailboats drifting by would make me want to find a bench and just sit and gaze at that beautiful sight. Lucky you living in such a beautiful place.

  5. That is such a great capture Joe. Would love to be there!

  6. Grace, I think that "V" is for Visitor (see his header) but Virginia probably "thinks" he is talking to her - hah!

    Joe, I love the five layers of color and detail you have captured in this shot. The silhouette of the skyline almost looks to have been cut with very fine scissors! Wonderful, my friend.


  7. And you're lucky to have these special afternoons in Melbourne.
    Beautiful shot Joe! ;-)

  8. That is a great shot Joe. Love the boats breaking up the picture.