Friday, October 21, 2011

Museum In The Rain

Hey V ... You will need an umbrella if you go out in Melbourne today.  Plan for indoor activities
like the Museum.  A day can disappear there before you can say "Brontosaurus" ... Cheers J.

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  1. Hi Joe, just been checking out your posts that I missed over the last few days. So you've been 'Queened' in Melbourne, wonder if she had a few glasses of wine from the Yarra Valley while she was out your way!! Her Maj will be here in Perth soon to open CHOGM, much beautifying has been done in preparation haha! Loved the cloud reflections at the Maroondah Reservoir and must say I would LOVE it if we had some of your rain over here! Thanks so much for the good wishes over the last few days. Hope you have a little sun over the weekend.