Friday, November 4, 2011

El Batidor Del Mono

Hi V ... This photo is by another of my friends, thank you Mim.
I have no idea what "El Batidor Del mono" means but something tells me it cannot be good.
Perhaps one of my followers can enlighten me ... puzzled ... J.


  1. Hi Joe, unless it a specific Spanish expression from a Spanish speaking country it really doesn't make much sense to a Spanish speaker but I am sure it means what you are thinking. (I am almost sure that it was an attempt to translate "Spank the Monkey")

  2. The style reminds me of Argentinean "fileteado" (in Argentina you can see many old cars in the streets), don't know what this expression means but I don't think the owner of this beautiful and well preserved car would have something agressive/rude on it.

  3. Haha!I think Luis may be right! Have a good weekend Joe.