Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Willie HD Smith

Hi V ... While visiting Kew Cemetery we came across this memorial.  It saddened me. J.
Contributed to Taphophile Tragics.


  1. So sad to die as a result of an accident and so young. I wonder what happened.

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  2. It seems odd to see a young persons grave adorned with guns.

  3. Oh I agree Joe, to see such a young person die and especially accidentally..definitely a case for if only.....

  4. Makes me think it was a gun accident. Do you think cadets were given live ammo to use? That would be considered folly nowadays. Even his name sounds young. So much suffering for his family.

  5. It is indeed a sad one, Joe...

  6. I tried to find out what happened but to no avail. He was William Hy David Smith son of Louis and Maud. There was a big deal about Empire Day in 1907 because there was a grand statue of Victoria about to be unveiled which all the cadets were rehearsing for. Empire Day was 24th May, and Willie's death is relatively close to that.

    Although it says 'Victorian Cadet Corps' the e-Melbourne site says all cadets were the responsibility of the Feds from 1901.

    1. Thx Julie. I also tried to find more details about Willie and was quite surprised that such a sad event has not generated an Internet thread.

  7. so.. this boy was only 12 years old? very weird then to see guns around his stone... :( probably he was accidentally killed by one? how sad!