Saturday, June 16, 2012

Astor Theatre - Choc Top

Hi V ... The Astor Theatre in Prahran is one of the few original single screen cinemas remaining in Melbourne.  It has developed a cult following with fans enjoying screenings of Rocky Horror Show dressed as their favourite character and Sound of Music Sing-a-longs. Mon Dieu!  The building which the Astor occupies is owned by it's neighbour, St Michaels Grammar School.  There is currently a landlord/tenant "discussion" about the future use of the building.  Many patrons enjoyed choc tops at the launch of the PROTECT THE ASTOR campaign with a free screening of Labyrinth, jaffa rolling down the aisles and prizes for the best costume.  Let's hope the Astor stays. Cheers J.


  1. It just has to stay Joe, it sounds like the best fun!

  2. We used to frequent the Astor regularly 35 years ago when we lived around there, Joe. I certainly hope it is preserved...