Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Spring in your Step

Hi V ... Hints of Spring are appearing in Melbourne.  In the distance is a Grecian Style Memorial constructed in 1913 in the Queen Victoria Gardens.  It celebrates the life of Janet Lady Clarke (nee Snodgrass).  The Clarkes were philanthropists raising awareness for many funds and local causes.  The Rotunda is in close proximity to the Tan, a 3.8 kilometer track around the Botanic Gardens.  It was once used to exercise horses but today is used by humans.  I don't jog.  I sit in the Rotunda and watch.  Ciao J.


  1. The white colour here is surely astounding. So fresh and radiating in the glorious sun today. I only took a few snapshots today while having beef noodle in Fitzroy.

  2. I think sitting in the rotunda looking out on that glorious view would be just fine.

  3. Already Joe! I must keep my eyes open a bit more, I suppose we are almost in spring. Beautiful image above.