Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sanctuary - Abbotsford Convent

Beyond the wall in St Helliers Street is a refuge, a shelter from the city.  In another life it was a convent, a place for religious types to dwell.  Today it still has community although much different than before.  It's a space for functions, food and festivals with a vibrancy all its own.  Sometimes its past emerges among the rustling leaves.  It whispers through the windows and twirls around the columns.  It finds its hallowed sanctuary, protected in the dark. I saw it once, the past shone bright, it danced and then was gone.  I'll watch for it again one day perhaps it will return.


  1. Your night image is quite evocative and atmospheric Joe... I can almost hear those echos of the past. Excellent shot!

  2. I woudl take my girl there for a kiss. Those shadows are true feelings!!!



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  3. It whispers through the windows and twirls around the columns .... just beautiful!

  4. Wonderful wordage to go with this golden image Joe, kind of gave me shivers imagining!!