Sunday, November 25, 2012

Savage In Limbo!

Savage in Limbo!  An intriguing title for a play we experienced on Friday night.   The time was 1984 and the place was the Bronx.  The five actors, their clothes, perfect accents and the brick warehouse style theatre with seating just about in the performance area transported the audience to the seedy bar in the Bronx with ease.  Each of the characters was aged 32. There was a virgin, Denise Savage; a whore, Linda Rotunda; her boyfriend, Tony Aronica; an alcoholic; April White and the bartender, Murk.  What a ride!

Each of the characters stood on their own personal cliff, their fading youth behind them and the chasm that was their future before them.  It was compelling to watch each character face their past and decide whether to accept or deny change.   Each of the actors delivered powerful, poignant and emotionally charged performances.   How refreshing to see theatre at its purest at Studio 246 in suburban Brunswick.  Congratulations to the cast: -

Denise Savage – Debbie Zukerman
Linda Rotunda – Celeste Markwell
Tony Aronica – Peter Paltos
April White – Joanne Redfearn
Murk – Gavin Ingham


  1. Sounds like a wonderful play with top rate performers. Well done to Studio 246

  2. How fantastic Joe, sounds like it was a very entertaining evening.

  3. I spent two seasons attending Blanchett's Sydney Theatre Coy productions. Put me off theatre for life!

  4. You enjoy some very cool activities Joe... thanks for sharing a bit of your experiences!

  5. We are so lucky here in Melbourne with so many cultural activities to choose from.