Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Heads - Barwon Heads

Hi V ... Shared lunch today with good friends at "The Heads", a restaurant located right on the beach at Barwon Heads approximately 95 kilometres south west of Melbourne.  Not only is the restaurant superbly located but both the food and the service were terrific.  We shall return.  This photograph was taken yesterday. Today the sea was rough with waves crashing along the sea wall.  Nature entertained us as we whiled away an afternoon.  On Wednesday the restaurant will be closed to the public for the filming of Master Chef. If your down along the coast in south west Victoria it's a great place to stop.  Recommended by J. 


  1. It is a great place to dine and we have been there a couple of times and don't forget its Seachange tv history.

  2. Gosh this restaurant has it all Joe, and a bit of TV fame as well it seems.