Thursday, October 3, 2013

No Rules in Marrakech

If there were any road rules in Marrakech they were not obvious to us.  Not only was being on the road often hair raising but just walking along the street as a pedestrian had its issues.  On one occasion we were walking along a narrow lane with many other people when we came across workers repairing underground pipes.  They had dug a hole almost the width of the lane and about 1.5 metres deep.  A narrow board had been placed from one end to the other and one by one each pedestrian "walked the plank" to the other side.  My turn arrived.  As I neared the end a tractor almost as wide as the lane appeared and headed straight towards me.  It wasn't about to stop.  I hot footed it to the end and dashed around the corner before the tractor entered the lane.  Mrs J was not so lucky.  She had to negotiate her way off the plank on to a small ledge and press herself against the wall to allow the tractor to pass!  It was that night that we got out of the Medina and headed for the modern city - Ville Nouvelle.  We found an Italian Restaurant (Bistro Romain) and ate non-morrocan food to our hearts content. 


  1. Hi Joe! What an amazing adventure! Fantastic images, great first hand reportage, full of the sights, sounds and smells of Morocco... you certainly have memorable moments to carry back with you to relive forever.

  2. Haha! That's what you call making full use of a motorcycle Joe. Phew! Sounds like Mrs J had a close shave !

  3. Oh Joe, when I read of your travel itinerary, I wished so much to be with you and ms. J. I had tickets and an itinerary to Morocco and had to cancel for family resons. I will still get there one day.... and to Malta. Stay in touch!