Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Which Way?

After our second day in Marrakech we learnt how to identify the brown signs high overhead which marked the way to the Square.  The return trip to our Riad was not so easy.  Not once did we travel the same route.   Twice, upon entering a new lane way youths standing on the corner yelled "You cannot enter.  It is forbidden.  Street closed because of Mosque!" Wanting to respect their culture we promptly turned back and they offered to show us the way only to once again confuse us in the lane ways and request money to point us in the right direction.  We only fell for this ploy once.  Marrakech was a daily challenge but one we are pleased to have met. 


  1. I love this capture Joe ... wonderful rich colours viewed as if we were walking through the archway.

  2. Hi J,
    I love the way you framed this image with the archway. A city I would like to photograph!

  3. One word Joe...FANTABULOUS!! I've just caught up on your trip so far..the sights and sounds of Marrakesh through your words and images are probably as close as I'll get so merci beaucoup for sharing in such a wonderful way. Ready for next installment.... :)