Monday, February 17, 2014


Today is the 150th anniversary of Australia's bush poet, Banjo Paterson.  This scene is as far removed as possible from the landscape he described and yet these two verses from his his poem "Behind the Scenes" published in the Bulletin on 8 April 1893 seem appropriate: -
The actor struts his little hour,
Between the limelight and the band,
The public feels the actor's power,
Yet nothing do they understand

Of all the touches here and there
That make or mar the actor's part,
They never see, beneath the glare,
The artist striving after art.
Shared with Mural Monday.


  1. Your Hosier Lane must be a visitor's destination. It took me a while to discern that the people were not part of the paintings. Love the milk crates in the foreground. Nice capture. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  2. the paint is really nice, and the story is really interesting. ciao Joe

  3. I have been there. Love your capture of this spot!

  4. Love this. Your composition is fantastic too.

  5. colourful but it all looks a bit of a mess to me - maybe it is better seen in situ

  6. Very appropriate Joe :) Goodness me there's not much space left in Hosier Lane.. I agree with Ciel, this is a fab composition.