Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Lives At Number 207?


  1. I once lived at a 214, but I don't remember this much colour 7 doors away!

  2. Fabulous shot, full of color and pattern! I do hope that you will show us inside...

    In the meantime, I am going to guess that it is either James from Newtown Daily Photo (his profile photo has red stripes) or a cartoon character.

    Bon weekend,

  3. Nobody lives here, its a boat shed used to store beach equipment towels, Tables chairs jet ski ect............

    Freshly painted looks very cool.

  4. Thx for your comments.
    Alan - you would sure remember these doors if you lived in the same street.
    Genie - I wish I could show you the inside but I don't have the key. Perhaps one of those keys in your previous post might work??
    Mim - First prize. Correct answer but I would prefer to believe that Dr Seuss occupied this colourful abode.

  5. Hopefully my jet ski!!! Was this at Brighton Beach?