Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween and Luna Park is Green

Hi V ... Have your bags of lollies ready, it's halloween tomorrow night.  Dress ups, lolly bags
and door knockers are not as popular in Melbourne as I believe it is in the USA.
However it has grown in popularity over the past years.  Some strange events have sprung up such
as something called the zombie shuffle which is on today.  People dress up as zombies and parade
around the city. Who would have thought?  Cheers ... J.


  1. Ghoulish. Haven't had any neighbourhood kids knock on my door ever but I wouldn't be surprised if this American tradition infiltrates here too soon.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. There is a touch of door-knocking in my peninsula area! Usually parents accompanying the young ones and wait at the front gate for the little ones to return from the door knocking experience! Usually they only visit nearby homes!
    And that is a ghoulish green!

  3. Zombie Shuffle? Sounds like the Monday morning commute to work!

  4. He's looking at you with the green eye - No zoombie shuffles in this town but I'm sure there will be a few kids knocking on doors looking for treats.

  5. Cool shot Joe!
    I'd be scared if I was a kid... ;-)

  6. Excellent Halloween image Joe.. I bought lollies on Saturday morning for the doorknockers, unfortunately I bought them too soon, I've eaten them all!!