Saturday, December 10, 2011

King George V

Hey there V ... This bronze of King George V stands proudly in the
park which bears his name "The King's Domain" right next to the
Sidney Meyer Music Bowl.   Perhaps the formality is intended to reflect
the power of the past power of the Monarchy and the expression
the parternalism of the Empire for it's colonies.   Hope he has enjoyed
the many concerts held at the Myer Music Bowl ... respectfully J.
PS .. must get me one of the sceptres.


  1. Awesome Joe! I am surprised he is showing his legs.

  2. Doesn't he look apprehensive and embarrassed, hardly able to hold up his head - as if he is aware he is so extraordinarily and inappropriately dressed? Poor statue!

  3. He's ever so regal - and I just love his shoes

  4. Another stern statue. If anyone ever finds a laughing statue I want to see it! He hasn't got much to look cheerful about in that get-up, I suppose!

  5. I'm sorry Joe, but seriously...he's wearing knickerbockers that are shorter than his 'tassel' haha!!

  6. Thanks for the Sunday morning chuckle.

  7. *chuckle* ... I think they just about cover it, Joe. Now to find a chuckling statue ...