Friday, August 24, 2012

Parliament House

Hi V ... The annual Open House Melbourne event occurred on the last weekend in July.  Some 100 city buildings were unlocked and visitors were permitted inside.  it was a marvelous event allowing the public free entry into to many city buildings including some areas not usually accessible.  Above is the queue for the tour of Parliament House.  Although it looks a bit daunting on these angled steps it moved quickly. The interior of the building was spectacular.  Tours run year round when parliament is not sitting.  Cheers J.


  1. Mmmm I like the photo but not the idea of visiting the parliament :)

    I just returned from some hanging out myself. So cold.

  2. It's great to take a look inside these normally inaccessible buildings ... A lot more steps on your Parliament House Joe plus a few added architectural embellishments.... very impressive!

  3. I will have to find out if there is one of these days in Perth, such a great idea. Your Parliament House is so much more appealing (at least on the outside) than ours Joe, excellent shot.