Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Shipwreck Coast

Hi V ... Mimzi's trip along the Great Ocean Road took her along part of Victoria's notorious Shipwreck Coast which stretches some 130 km's from Cape Otway to Moonlight Head. "I have seldom seen a more fearful section of coastline" said Mathew Flinders when exploring the coast in the late 1700's/early 1800's.  There are over 80 known shipwrecks from Cape Otway to Port Fairy. Not only the treacherous seas and gales called the "Roaring Forties" in Bass Straight caused their demise.  Some met with foul play.  Although it can be frightening from the sea it is magnificent from the Great Ocean Road.  Safe travels J. 


  1. How unfortunate that such a magnificent seascape has been the grave-yard to so many ships - treacherous indeed.
    Beautiful photo Mimzi.

  2. Amazing landscape. Beautiful composition. Have the colours been a tad saturated or are these the natural colours of the place? What a great shot. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I wish I am there now, enjoying the sun and this magnificent seaside.

  4. What fun! I know exactly where you are standing. Seems rather cool considering I am here in Coventry, England. We have family living at the start of the Great Ocean Road and had a wonderful trip along it when we visited a few years ago. Lovely reminder of a super trip!

  5. Gorgeous colors, and fantastic wild coastline! This must have been an amazing place to see!

  6. It does look wild Joe, imagine trying to sail those seas back in the days when there was no computerized guiding devices, no wonder there are so many wrecks and probably many more near misses.
    p.s. I've just noticed on your side bar there Joe that one of your horse pics was made into an advertising flyer, when did that happen and how blooming fabulous!

    1. Hi Grace
      Thx for noticing that one of my photos was chosen for an advertising flyer. It happened late last year. We went to the races looking for a some different photo opportunities. I posted several on Melbourne Snaps and also posted them on the Facebook account of the Racing Club we visited. I was quite surprised when they contacted me requesting use of one of the photos. I was very chuffed. Cheer J.

  7. Such nice colors - golden rocks and the blue sea :)

  8. Gorgeous colors here on this interesting, but treacherous, coastline. The details and points of interest could make this the cover of a travel guide!


  9. Wow... What can I say?
    This place is amazing, would love to visit it some day! ;-)