Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spirit of Tasmania

Hi V ... The Spirit of Tasmania leaves Station Pier for Devonport in Tasmania crossing Bass Strait nightly all year round and both nightly and daily in peak season.  I crossed Bass Strait on her precursor once and it was like a mill pond both ways.  We were fortunate as I'm told the crossing can be rough.  Cheers J.  


  1. It looks beautiful sitting on still waters Joe .... I crossed Bass Strait years ago and still have a photo of myself disembarking at Devonport looking as green as the dress I was wearing.

  2. Hi J,
    After what happened on that big cruise ship recently, I'm not all that thrilled with the idea anymore.
    This ROUGE one is pretty spiffy though.

  3. Looks good moored there Joe, but I remember the last time I crossed to Rottnest on the ferry, it was so rough, the memory lingers!!

  4. It does have a spirited look to it. To cross to Tasmania, one would need some spirit I suppose, to brave the rough seas!