Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rolls on Spring Street

Dear V ... There's nothing like a Rolls Royce with white-walled tyres to grab attention.
This one was parked in Spring Street the other day while the happy couple were being photographed
on the steps of Parliament House. The chauffeur was a convivial chap and told us that this
very vehicle was used to ferry Queen Elizabeth II around during her Royal visit to Melbourne in 1963.
 ... pip, pip .. J.


  1. Well how about that then!! Queen Elizabeth no less, apart from all that it is a really elegant old car. Great shot Joe!

  2. What can I say Joe but Classy!! shone to perfection - fit for a Queen.

  3. My dad had a Jag about this size. When it got rolling, AMAZING!

  4. I'd feel like a KING riding is such a royal Rolls Royce! A gleaming beauty!

  5. What incredible design in this elegant, classy car. Ask Bird if he still has his dad's Jag and we can all go for a ride!