Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surf's Up!

Hi V ... Glad you could join Mimzi and Anna on their journey along the Great Ocean Road.  As you can imagine with the waves rolling in to the shore from Bass Strait the surf is often up.  Bell's Beach is billed as the home of the world's  longest running surfing competition.  I'm not sure if this surfer was photographed a Bell's Beach. May be Mimzi will tell us.  Cheers J. 


  1. Wonderful shot with colors from an artist's palette. Nice lines with the fence, a handsome surfer, and that splash of RED!


  2. Lovely colours. I am slightly envious, as the surf is definitely not on around here with -5 degrees C at the minute and a winter that is getting a bit too long. Enjoy the waves!

  3. That surf board and its rider are going to be distinctive out there in the waves hey Joe.