Sunday, November 2, 2014


This photograph is of Vieux Lyon on the banks of the Saone River.  The cathedral in the distance is St George, one of three cathedrals along the Saone.  The old city is threaded with narrow, cobble stoned streets and even narrower lanes rising to the top of Fourviere Hill.  Cars cannot access many of the areas.  More of the narrow streets later. 

While waiting at the traffic lights in front of St George one night a car pulled up to the curb and the driver called me over saying something in French.  "Je suis desole" I said; "Anglais?" "Non" was the reply and he called someone else over. The pedestrian nodded and began lifting out the bollards which prevented the cars from entering this section of the old city.  The driver smiled at me and pointed indicating he wanted me to help remove the other bollards. I complied hoping I wasn't breaking any laws. The car drove through and as we were replacing the bollards he stepped out of his car adjusting his white robes.  He turned out to be the parish priest of St George.  I guess no laws were broken.

Bon Vivant J & J.


  1. They're will be an extra star in your crown for that bit of service. :-)

  2. I would have been looking over my shoulder for the barricade police!

  3. My daughter lived in Lyon for 6 months in the year 2000. She was at university there. Let's see what you find of interest over there.